Pro Tools 2020.9 Released with New Features & Bug Fixes

Pro Tools 2020.9 Now Available

Avid has released the new Pro Tools 2020.9 update, which comes with 5 new features, as well as a bunch of bug fixes. Let's take a look at what's new.

New Features and Enhancements

Pro Tools® and Pro Tools | Ultimate software version 2020.9 provides the following new features and enhancements:

Support for Ableton Link

Pro Tools now supports Ableton Link, a synchronization technology from Ableton that keeps Link-enabled applications in time over a local network (LAN or WLAN). Link synchronizes musical beat, tempo, phase and start/stop commands across multiple applications running on the same or different devices. Applications on devices connected to a local network discover each other automatically and form a musical session in which each participant can perform independently:
  • Anyone can start or stop while still staying in time.
  • Anyone can change the tempo and the others follow.
  • Anyone can join or leave without disrupting the session. 

Updated Record Enable Buttons Preferences

In previous versions of Pro Tools, disabling the Latch Record Enable Buttons preference invoked a “Cancel Previous” behavior when record-enabling audio tracks. However, doing so did not disable record-enable on MIDI or Instrument tracks (and vice versa). This could sometimes cause accidental erasures, especially if some of the record-enabled tracks were not visible.

In Pro Tools 2020.9, the Latch Record Enable Buttons preference has been replaced by a Record Enable Buttons setting with three options. This permits the previous behavior, but adds a new one:
  • Latch Audio Tracks behaves as when Latch Record Enable Buttons was enabled in earlier versions of Pro Tools.
  • Cancel Previous on Audio Tracks behaves as when Latch Record Enable Buttons was disabled in earlier versions of Pro Tools.
  • Select Cancel Previous on All Tracks so that record-enabling a MIDI or Instrument track “Cancels Previous” on MIDI, Instrument, and audio tracks (and vice versa_.

Convert SD II Files on Launch or Import (macOS Only)

SD II files can be imported and converted to the session file format (AIFF or WAV) on session launch or audio file import. When opening a legacy session with SDII files, the session file format is set to BWF (.WAV) and all SD II files are also converted to BWF (.WAV). Likewise, Pro Tools converts SD II (Sound Designer II) files on import when using Import Audio (File > Import > Audio), Import Session Data (File > Import > Session Data), or drag and drop from a Workspace browser or macOS Finder.

Audio Playback Support for BW64 Wave Files

Pro Tools supports linking and play back of BW64 audio files. Both BW64 and RF64 are extensions to the WAV audio file format that address the 4 gigabyte size limitation of other WAV audio file formats.

Updates to Cloud Collaboration

  • The Artist Chat window has been simplified to handle Pro Tools Projects and Messages, while Profile and Talent (contacts) management is available using Avid Link.
  • Track Collaboration Tools - The Auto buttons have been removed from the Collaboration cluster in the Edit and Transport windows.

Bug Fixes

There are A LOT of bug fixes. Here's the full list:


  • Fixed an accessibility issue where the track list show and hide status was incorrect (PT-257111)
  • Showing and hiding the docked MIDI editor is now available via accessibility (PT-257112)


  • Fixed an issue where coalescing automation on VCA master would crash if the group contained a folder (PT-261510)

Cloud Collaboration

  • Fixed a case where asset download becomes stuck at "Starting" (PT-262630)
  • Fixed a case where revision history would become lost on an offline project (PT-263567)
  • Fixed a permissions issue which caused missing tracks and clips in a cloud collaboration (PT-261911)
  • Fixed an issue which caused upload or download failures between collaborators (PT-261679)
  • Fixed an issue where the Artist Chat window could not be switched from Messages to Pro Tools Projects  (PT-249764)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the uploading of changes on a re-shared track (PT-235708)
  • Import Session Data will now respect the "New Tracks Are Shared" preference (PT-253734)
  • The deletion of automation breakpoints will now cause the track upload light to be triggered, so that changes may be uploaded (PT-224847)
  • Removed the “Auto” buttons from the Collaboration Cluster to improve upload/download stability (PT-261448)

Commit / Freeze

  • Commit up to this insert' with a mono to stereo plug-in will no longer result in plug-in deletion (PT-210162)

Control Surfaces

  • Improved EUCON surface responsiveness when changing the state of the transport (PT-262614)
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when using the "Scroll to Track" command on Icon surfaces (PT-262038)
  • Fixed an occasional crash that could occur when enabling/disabling EUCON in Peripherals > Ethernet Controllers (PT-263360)
  • Avid Control now updates the folder icon when opening and closing an empty Pro Tools track folder (PT-261728)
  • Routing and mix controls are now appropriately hidden when attentioning a Basic Folder track on the Avid S3 (PT-261734)
  • EUCON surfaces will now update when converting an Aux track to a Routing Folder (PT-262334)
  • Track color is now updated on the Avid S1 when converting an Aux track to a Routing Folder track (PT-261449)
  • MIDI volume is now properly reflected for attentioned instrument tracks on the Avid S1 (PT-261733)

Crashes and Errors

  • Fixed multiple cases where a crash may occur if a VCA is assigned to a group that is exclusively an Edit Group.  VCA's are no longer allowed to be assigned to an Edit Group, unless it is also a Mix Group.  Existing exclusive Edit Group assignments will be removed, and a dialog will be posted to inform you of this change when opening a session (PT-262485)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to playback after loop recording with "Send Fully Overlapped Clips to Available Playlists when recording" enabled (PT-259471)
  • Fixed a case where assertion is thrown after launch and sessions will not open (PT-261021)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when quitting while launching Pro Tools (PT-258816)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when quitting while signed into the cloud (PT-243598)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing to a new satellite track (PT-262816)
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when running on dual-core CPUs (PT-261548)
  • Fixed a crash resulting from an assertion in the tracks list (PT-260715)
  • Fixed a crash that resulted from clearing automation across all tracks (PT-251563)
  • Fixed a folder deletion crash when maintaining the child tracks (PT-262259)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during session close after deactivating/reactivating plug-ins and tracks (PT-261410)
  • Fixed a crash stemming from emoji use within tags in the workspace (PT-239368)
  • Fixed a crash when adding a basic folder to a VCA group that it's already a member of (PT-263247)
  • Fixed a crash when copying an Object-Selected clip, from an alternate playlist, to the target playlist (PT-262934)
  • Fixed a crash that resulted from dragging a MIDI and audio clip to a stereo track (PT-262574)
  • Fixed a crash when pasting a mono clip onto an stereo alternate playlist (PT-262561)
  • Fixed a crash resulting from changing Clip Gain on locked clips in a group (PT-261541)
  • Fixed a crash encountered when canceling task manager tasks while project is opening (PT-250169)
  • Fixed a crash when closing the session after certain VCA functions were performed (PT-242887)
  • Fixed a crash on macOS Catalina when importing audio and choosing from 'Music' or 'Movie' application Finder locations (PT-261754)

Dolby Atmos Workflows

  • Importing an ADM file will now map objects properly if the ADM file was created using a renderer config that had gaps between input indexes (PT-261753)
  • Importing session data from another session will now properly map tracks to stereo objects (PT-256477)
  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in Pro Tools 2020.3 which caused pan automation ‘stair-stepping’ in certain cases when importing an ADM file (PT-261989)
  • Importing Session Data and matching tracks will no longer remove a track object assignment if the source and destination assignments differ (PT-262808)


  • Pressing the 'Enter' key, in the start/end/length fields of the transport cluster, will no longer adjust the selection location, if the selection is within the current grid value (PT-263573)
  • The '/' key no longer cancels the previous value entry when moving between start/end/length fields in the transport cluster (PT-262683)
  • M' and '/' keys now nudge by the correct value when using drop frame rates (PT-263437)
  • Using F or command + F in blank space leading to the next audio clip will no longer yield errors (PT-251800)
  • Edits are no longer incorrectly applied to selected but hidden tracks, including cases that occur with object selection and/or "Link Track and Edit Selection" (PT-260678/PT-255876/PT-263632)
  • Drag and drop of edit selections that include a closed folder has been restricted to prevent unpredictable results such as disappearing clips (PT-26169)
  • Clips and edit selection no longer become separated when nudging over tempo changes with Layered Editing enabled (PT-239240)
  • When trimming a multitrack selection in Shuffle mode, clips will now remain time aligned with each other in all cases (PT-257433)
  • Fixed a case where moving crossfades in Shuffle mode with Layered Editing enabled, left gaps between the clips (PT-246126)
  • Fixed a case where fades would be incorrectly altered when using the Grabber tool to move a multitrack selection (PT-255412)
  • Fixed a case where dragging a fade out incorrectly truncated a clip (PT-263118)
  • Fixed a case where moving a fade with Layered Editing would delete part of the automation (PT-253858)
  • Fixed the ability to heal clip separation while Clip Effects window was opened (PT-258272)
  • Fixed a bug where clips could go offline when rendering Clip Gain or Clip Effects on duplicated track (PT-263436)
  • Canceling a Clip Gain operation on a locked clip will now restore the previous value (PT-262902)
  • Using Shift + T in the comments field will no longer incorrectly toggle 'Link Track and Edit Selection' (PT-262460)

Elastic Audio

  • Fixed an issue that could result in an "End of Stream Encountered" error after undoing and then recording on a track with Elastic Audio (PT-263455)

Folder Tracks

  • Fixed a cosmetic folder track overview bug when files were missing (PT-260485/PT-260354)
  • It's now possible to create a track from the output of the 9th level nested routing folder (PT-260357)
  • Fixed a bug where after track deletion during a commit, a folder track could continue to show member track (PT-260353)
  • Members tracks of a routing folder no longer mute when muting a VCA that is only associated with the routing folder, and not the members (PT-263485)
  • It is no longer possible cause an unsupported number of folders to be nested with importing session data (PT-263317
  • Fixed several cases where moving tracks into a VCA controlled folder is prevented (PT-262498/PT-263318)


  • Matching tracks with Import Session Data, and choosing to not import outputs, sends, or objects, will no longer remove existing assignments (PT-258603)
  • Matching tracks with Import Session Data, and choosing to import outputs or sends, will now warn the user if any automation will be lost, due to an assignment removal or width change (PT-258603)
  • Main outputs are no longer multed when importing session data, matching tracks, having only "Object Assignments & Toggle Settings" set, and have a different main output between source and destination sessions (PT-237312)
  • Import Session Data now imports Heat's enabled state (PT-262929)


  • Installing Pro Tools will no longer prompt with an analytics question.  Instead, the question will be asked upon first launch.  This change is aimed to improve the experience for those who use automated silent installers. (PT-257152)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the HD Driver from being recognized if installed on a system without an internet connection (PT-260801)
  • All intended plug-ins will be installed when co-installing Pro Tools with Pro Tools | First  (PT-240878)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the following error on first launch, "An error occurred installing DigiShoe Tool. Try running a build with signed components first to get it installed properly."  (PT-262339)


  • MIDI notes will no longer sustain indefinitely when editing with the up/down arrow keys (PT-258220)


  • Fixed a SWOD that occurred if Send Anonymous Pro Tools Usage Data to Avid preference is enabled and communication with servers failed (PT-262711)
  • Zooming on high track and clip count sessions has been optimized to be about seven times faster (PT-253285)
  • Fixed a -7104 error and crash that may occur when activating or duplicating tracks on an HDX system (PT-243117)
  • Fixed a performance issue resulting in multiple SWODs while working (PT-262482)


  • Partial selections can now be promoted to the target playlist (PT-252210)
  • Duplicating playlists in playlist view will no longer cause the resulting playlist to be inactive (PT-240028)
  • Fixed a crash when previewing AudioSuite while changing tempo (PT-261547)
  • A multi-mono plug-in's channel selector setting is once again retained after closing the plug-in (PT-260766)


  • Fixed a case where noise artifacts could appear at the end of a record pass (PT-256346)
  • After punching out of record, audio output is no longer muted during post-roll (PT-263328)

Remote Workflows

  • Fixed a case where the wrong username would be seen when using the "Prevent Others from Overwriting Open Session" preference (PT-261835)
  • Fixed an issue where .tmp and .ptmp files were not being created when creating a session from a template file (PT-262549)

Routing and I/O Setup

  • HW Insert paths are no longer deleted when pressing the default button in IO Setup, if there is a HW Insert assigned in the session (PT-261173)


  • Fixed a case where the imported video length is half of the intended duration (UME-1605)
  • Fixed an issue where certain MP4 files would encounter errors and black video upon import or session open (UME-1597)
  • Video Play Start Latency' setting is once again properly recalled when relaunching Pro Tools (PT-262915)
  • Fixed several crashes when importing certain QuickTime video files (PT-262592/UME-1598)
  • Workspace
  • Fixed a graphical issue in the Workspace where "Search Tags" would overlay "Sound Libraries" (PT-256061)
  • Transfer/Playback/Record permissions are once again retained when remounting a volume (PT-257831)
  • Improved scrolling performance in that Workspace Browser when a significant amount of data is displayed (PT-250128)


  • Session Start Time is now updated when adjusting the session frame rate by multiples of the current frame rate (PT-259302)
  • The transport counter can now exceed 999.59.99 when the main time scale is set to Mins:Sec (PT-260334)
  • "Enable Video Engine" now has proper Traditional Chinese and Korean translations in the Playback Engine Window (PT-262595)
  • Fixed an issue where VCA members were incorrectly muted if the VCA was inside a soloed Folder Track (PT-263307)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a chord was added to the Chords ruler (PT-247887)
  • Fixed an issue the was preventing certain characters from being entered on German language keyboards (PT-263568)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Default Automatic Naming to English” preference was not applying in some cases (PT-253168)

You can download Pro Tools 2020.9 in your My Avid account if you are on a current subscription or active Software Update + Support Plan.

Shop Pro Tools online at RSPE or contact a RSPE Audio specialist to upgrade.


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