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Media Composer 2019 Now Available

The most popular video editing software just got even better, with Avid's release of the new Media Composer 2019. From first cut to final delivery, the new Media Composer is designed for makers at every skill level—with a modern and intuitive interface, task-based workspaces, built-in color finishing tools, plus packaging and codec support for OTT workflows.

The reimagined Media Composer brings you a new, paneled interface to support every type of workflow, for editing, color, effects and audio, floating windows, a new bin navigator, multi-format exporting, and much more.

Let's take a look at what's new in Media Composer 2019.

New Modern UI

Find your creative flow with a modern new interface and task-based workspaces that make organizing media and video editing more fluid and intuitive. Media Composer’s responsive smart panel design helps boost your creative flow while clearing the clutter, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most—your story.
  • Create better stories with more creative focus using task-based workspaces that lead you through the storytelling process, displaying only the tools you need
  • Bring what’s important into focus with the redesigned interface, which clears the clutter, providing a more contextual user experience
  • Get complete video editing, finishing, and packaging* tools all in one solution
  • Maintain full image quality and consistent color accuracy with the new 32-bit floating point color pipeline and ACES color space support

New and improved tools

From better bin handling and project access, to countless timesaving features, there’s a lot more to love about Media Composer. Plus, with input from customers and other video editors, we’ve added many of your top requests (say hello again to the weightlifter and scissors icons!).
  • Organize and access media and projects easily with new bin containers, which now include projects and adaptive bin frames
  • Sift through tons of content and find media fast with the new Bin Map, which provides a zoomable overview map
  • Access Project, User, and Site settings quickly through a dedicated tabbed Settings window
  • Create stunning and inspired visual effects faster and more easily with the new Effects palette tool
  • Work more easily with the optimized Smart Tool now in the Timeline toolbar, making it more convenient to access for those who use it and less dominating for those who don’t
  • View only the metadata you want with the new Inspector

Responsive Smart Panels

Freely resize and rearrange Media Composer interface panels to suit your editing preferences. Display and arrange the tools you want—hide what you don’t—enabling you to work more instinctively. Without the interface getting in the way.
  • Resize and rearrange panels and have all surrounding panels readjust accordingly—or turn off responsive behaviors and you can move things as you wish
  • Pop out panels to become floating windows for complete interface layout control
  • Display only the interface elements you want to complete your editing, color, audio, and effects work
  • Customize the color of tracks, clips, markers, and other elements, plus give your interface a pleasing gray theme or edgier dark side

Finish and deliver with total color precision

Whether you do all editing, effects, and color work in Media Composer or roundtrip projects to another application, the new 32-bit floating point color pipeline and ACES color space support future-proof your content and ensure consistent color accuracy from end to end. OpenEXR decoding accelerates HDR effects work. Plus, new IMF packaging tools make OTT delivery easy.
  • Perform color correction and grading tasks with full color precision using 32-bit floating point color tools and management
  • Maintain consistent color accuracy and full image quality with support for ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) color spaces
  • Maintain full image quality when rendering effects and correcting color with support for 32-bit DNxUncompressed lossless formats
  • Work faster with automatic color transformations that eliminate the need to re-encode media
  • Get OpenEXR decoding to accelerate HDR visual effects workflows
  • Deliver content to the required specifications directly from Media Composer with new IMF packaging tools in Symphony

Media Composer 2019 is now available in your Avid account if you're on a current upgrade plan.

Shop Media Composer 2019 at RSPE Audio.


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