Avid Release Pro Tools 2018.7 Update

Avid has just announced the release of Pro Tools 2018.7, which is available now in your myavid account. This new Pro Tools update adds new features to all three tiers of Pro Tools that improve workflow, speed and efficiency for both music and audio post customers. It will be available to new customers, current subscribers, and users with an active upgrade plan.

What’s New in Pro Tools 2018

Search to Access the Plug-ins and Busses You Need

Forget scrolling through lengthy menus to find the plug-in or bus you need. With tag-like search capabilities integrated into the Inserts, Sends, Inputs, and Outputs menus, you can simply start typing and Pro Tools will instantly display all matching items, enabling you to assign VIs, effects, and busses much faster than before.

Speed Up With Multi-item Menu Selections

Pro Tools now makes it easy to select multiple items in a menu in one fell swoop to boost your workflow speed. Control-click (Mac) or Start-click (Windows) on a track Insert, Send, or I/O mapping slot and select as many items as desired from the context menu. And quickly select multiple view, toolbar, window, and other preferences using checkboxes in pop-over menus.

Relative Grid - Edit Audio and MIDI in the Groove

Don’t want everything to perfectly align to the beat when rearranging a session? You can now have Pro Tools maintain the relative grid position when copying, cutting, and pasting audio and MIDI clips and note selections. Not only does this expedite the editing process, it preserves the perfectly imperfect feel of unquantized music by retaining all correct offsets established in your timeline.

Pro Tools 2018 Features And Compatibility

You can see in this table what features have been added to Pro Tools during 2018.
New FeaturePro Tools FirstPro ToolsPro Tools Ultimate
Pro Tools 2018.7 Released In July
Relative Grid Copy / PasteXXX
Search Plug-ins and BussesXXX
Multi-Select Menu ItemsXXX
9-Pin Track ArmingX
Pro Tools 2018.4 Released In April
Avid Complete Plugin Bundle includedCompatible but not includedX
Pro Tools MachineControl includedCompatible but not includedX
Pro Tools 2018.1 Released In January
Retrospective MIDI RecordXXX
MIDI Editing EnhancementsXXX
Track PresetsXXX
Mixing UI ImprovementsXXX
Improved Import Session DataXX
Playlist Comping EnhancementsXX
"Start Collaboration" File Menu ItemXX
iLok Cloud SupportN/AXX
Already have a current Pro Tools Upgrade Plan? Just log into your Avid account to download the latest update. Otherwise contact RSPE to find out how to Upgrade to Pro Tools 2018.7!