PMC Launches result6 Compact Nearfield Monitor at AES 2017

PMC has unveiled result6, a brand new compact nearfield reference monitor, at this year’s AES convention in New York

26 years of painstaking development have "resulted" in PMC's newest active studio monitor, the PMC result6. PMC’s new two-way active result6 loudspeaker delivers on every level as it combines all the attributes for which the company’s pro reference monitors are internationally renowned. These include high resolution and detail, accurate and extended bass, consistent tonal balance on all levels and wide dispersion and sweet spot – all distilled into an affordable nearfield at a price point you didn't think possible from PMC.

This new 2-way design features a 27mm soft-dome tweeter with dispersion grille and a mid/bass unit composed of a doped natural fibre, both custom-designed for the result6. The new LF driver was developed using a groundbreaking laser-based measurement system to maximize the benefit of the result6's redesigned Advanced Transmission Line™ - the proprietary bass-loading system at the heart of all PMC products - and ensure perfect integration between the driver and the line.

The built-in dual amplifiers supply 65W and 100W of power to the HF and LF drivers respectively. Extremely efficient, low-distortion and high-damping-factor Class-D designs, they provide plenty of headroom and ensure the result6 has a generous dynamic response given its compact dimensions. The elegant, pure analogue crossover, which was also designed specifically for the result6 using circuit-modelling techniques, keeps both drivers working at peak efficiency, while non-invasive limiting protects the LF and HF units from damage without adversely affecting their sound. Finally, simple rear-panel trim controls allow users ±10dB of amplifier output level adjustment to suit the precise requirements of the chosen listening environment.

A distinctive aspect of the result6's physical design is its finned HF driver surround. The so-called DiffractionFins deliver two significant sonic benefits, widening the loudspeaker’s already generous sweet spot to give excellent off-axis response over a larger area, and blocking cabinet edge effects to ensure the result6's HF response remains razor-sharp and free of smearing.

"The result6 provides the perfect introduction to the benefits of ATL™ technology for audio professionals new to our range," explains Oliver Thomas, PMC's Head of Design. "Of course, as is the PMC way, a great deal of advanced design work has been involved behind the scenes. There are no overly complex DSP-based user options or room profiles; instead, the result6 achieves its characteristically neutral, dependable reference sound solely on the strength of its meticulous engineering. From the user's perspective, you can plug it in and immediately trust what you hear, allowing you to create the best-sounding results in the shortest possible time."

The PMC result6 will be available from PMC USA and from the PMC Flagship Boutique at RSPE. Which means RSPE has now them in stock now, and available for demo and purchase!

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