The Future Of Pro Tools with Pro Tools Expert - Monday, June 13 at RSPE

Mike Thornton, Editor of Pro Tools Expert makes a special visit to RSPE Audio to share his thoughts on 'The Future of Pro Tools' on June 13th from 9:30am to 11am PDT.

At this short address he will be sharing his insights on a changing industry and how he believes this will affect the future of the industry standard Pro Tools and those who use it. There will also be a chance to catch up with Mike and other Pro Tools professionals.

Limited spaces (and coffee), head to Pro Tools Expert to reserve your spot.


Stan said…
This is a good idea to have this. I'll leave you with some things to discuss in case I cannot make the event.

With all the new DAWs out there, some of them free that rival ProTools, I've read many on the Internet calling ProTools a dinosaur that still lives because of its foot hold on the studio system. So to Speak.
If this is true then, you, we, all who use the software may be falling behind some of the other musicians in the world with you, our, only being still in the lead due to our direct contact and working relationship with the studios, and their continued use of the software.

The other point that comes to mind is that the studios continue to pour money into the software and hardware without looking forward. You might think 'well, it's their money'. Yes but their continued expense drives up their production costs and eventually they will cut corners meaning that you will not work because of the expense of ProTools amoungst other things.

Using the DAW Zynewave Podium as an example, you can all see that the DAW equals ProTools on every level except for a few minor things. Looking at those things nd comparing the cost of ProTools versus Podium, with it being $59.00 for the full version, to save you jobs ProTools should be replaced with something that need not force the studios to overlook your services.

There's more but I'll bring those questions to you if I make the event.
jsepeta said…
My Pro Tools 11 license isn't working and I'm not sure I'm willing to commit another $350 to Avid for version 12 because I think they're managed terribly, and I don't understand their vision for keeping Pro Tools alive. They took far too many years to make Pro Tools 64-bit compatible, and have a cavalier attitude about charging their customers double what other companies do for upgrades -- while their upgrades usually offer less than what the community of active users is asking for in a new release. Given Avid's treatment of their customers, maybe they deserve to fail.
Joey said…
Is this going to be available to watch online?