Limited-time Extended Grace Period for Pro Tools Upgrade Plan Renewals

Avid has just announced a limited-time 30 day grace period extension for customers whose Pro Tools Upgrade Plan expired between January 1 and March 31, 2016.

With Avid's transition from offering individual software upgrades to providing updates and upgrades through an Annual Upgrade Plan, Avid makes it a point to let their customers know when their Annual Upgrade Plan is coming up for renewal. The Avid renewal communication includes:
  • An alert in the software Application Manager
  • Notification in the customer’s Avid Account (‪‪)
  • An email reminder to renew their upgrade plan
Avid recently discovered that some Pro Tools customers whose plans expired in Q1 did not receive an email notice to renew their plan. To give this group another opportunity to get current on an Annual Upgrade Plan, Avid is offering an extended grace period through May 30, 2016, so customers can renew their expired plan at the normal renewal price instead of the higher reinstatement price.

Only customers with an Annual Upgrade Plan for Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD that expired before March 31 in 2016 are eligible. After May 30, 2016, customers with expired Annual Upgrade Plans can purchase a new plan at the reinstatement price.

Shop your Pro Tools Upgrade online, or contact your RSPE Sales Specialist and find out if you're eligible!