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Avid Announces Eucon 3.4 for Pro Tools Workstations

Avid have just announced that EuControl/Workstation 3.4 is now available! This is the biggest release Avid have done in a long time with new features and many bug fixes. Here is some of what's new and fixed in Eucon 3.4:

What's New for S3

• All Pro Tools meter types are now supported.
• Enabling a second workstation and general connectivity has been improved.
• In EuControl Settings>General, you can toggle the primary function of the Rec/A switch on the Dock, S3, Artist Control and Artist Mix
• S3 Audio Control - Direct Out mode lets you use S3 as a small mixer, designate an S3 audio input for talkback, and more.
• S3 Audio Control - Single Display mode lets you have all audio parameters accessed from a single Channel Control Encoder (16) instead of eight (9–16).

What's Fixed

  • Major connectivity improvements for Pro Tools | Control and surfaces when connected directly Mac and Windows workstations
  • EUCON 3.3 would not connect to different subnets
  • Automation data from faders and knobs was erratic at approximately 13ms intervals for all EUCON surfaces
  • Surface Shift + fader cap touch now sets fader value to 0 dB for all surfaces, regardless of whether surface Shift is latched On.
  • that this requires that the EuControl Preference Shift + fader sets level to 0dB is enabled 
  • Selecting a track in Pro Tools auto-scrolls to top when going past the bank limits of any EUCON console
  • In Pro Tools, enabling EUCON in Setup > Peripherals while there was no surface connected caused Pro Tools to take 10 seconds to quit
  • EuControl 3.3.2 uninstaller did not uninstall EuControl
  • EuControl was crashing silently on Windows when exiting EuControl
  • With Windows 8.1, application focus change occurred when accessing the System Tray notification area
  • On Windows, surfaces did not always Add the first time to move them from All Surfaces list to My Surfaces
  • Meters on some mono audio tracks in Nuendo/Cubase would sometimes not work after banking a surface
  • Mouse response slowed on Windows 10 after EuControl was installed 
  • Windows 10: App focus change now occurs when accessing the system tray notification area 
  • EuControl on Windows (only) did not auto launch on first try when performing an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.3.1
  • EuControl 3.3.1 uninstaller did not uninstall EuControl
  • EuconWS (Workstation Control) installer was not launching MC Client after install was complete

  • After exiting Multi-Master VCA Spill mode S3 would not go to the previously recalled layout 
  • After closing a session, the Multi-Master Spill indicator LEDs for <Bank and Bank> switches would be on
  • When a VCA is spilled in Single Master mode, LEDs for <Bank and Bank> switches would be on
  • S3 Multi-Master Mode Spill would not always unspill on first attempt
  • S3 would incorrectly indicate Multi-Master Mode after unspilling by recalling a Layout 
  • S3 would not always reconnect to EuControl if powered off and on while EuControl was running
  • After updating S3 firmware, EuControl could crash while Pro Tools was launching

OS Compatibility
  • Windows 8.x 64-bit
  • Windows 10 
  • Mac OS 10.10.3+
  • Mac OS 10.11.4+

Log into your Avid account here to access EuControl software.


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