Save $400 on your Pro Tools HD Upgrade until Feb 15th

If you were too busy last December and forgot about upgrading your Pro Tools HD system, don't worry: you haven't missed the deadline to upgrade to Pro Tools 12. RSPE Audio has a very limited supply of activation cards with Avid Advanced Support for Pro Tools HD still available at last year's prices.

The Avid support plan entitles you to all future Pro Tools HD upgrades, 12 months of free plug-ins and 12 months of priority Avid Support for the 2015 price of $599 (the 2016 price is $999). This is supplied as an activation card which can be emailed to you upon request. The upgrade plan is renewable annually for $399/year.

Please note this is a very limited time offer. Your activation card must be registered by February 15th, 2016.

Shop now to save on your Pro Tools HD Upgrade today!


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