Important AAX Update from Sonnox

Sonnox AAX Update.  Good News for Pro Tools HDX owners!

  1. The TransMod plugin has been released for AAX.
  2. The Dynamics plugin is on its way, with others to follow!
  3. New combined "HD - HDX" license authorizes AAX DSP, TDM and Native versions.
  4. AAX DSP upgrades simplified.  One upgrade, one price for all plugs.
HD / HDX Combined License

The new combined HD - HDX license authorizes AAX DSP, TDM and Native versions, so you can take advantage of the savings made by purchasing a bundle, and download the AAX products as they are released.  This will be more cost-effective than buying each AAX plugin individually!

TDM - AAX DSP Upgrades

Sonnox has also simplified upgrades from TDM to AAX DSP, now called HD - HDX upgrades.  You keep your TDM + Native license and gain an AAX DSP license!

HD - HDX upgrades (from TDM) are one fixed price of $85 for all plugins!
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