Avid Pro Tools Prices are Changing on July 1

Avid is set to make some pricing changes to Pro Tools and other creative software come July 1, 2019. These price updates will go up for some, go down for some, or remain the same for others. Here's an explanation of what's changing and how it will affect your Pro Tools software.

First, a Message from Avid

Important Update on Upcoming Creative Tools Price Adjustments
We wanted to give you a heads up on some important changes regarding the pricing of our Creative Software products. We are announcing that we have adjusted several of the prices of these offerings effective July 1, 2019.  Some prices have increased, some have stayed the same and some have decreased. 

As many of you know, the entire technology industry is going through a major shift from perpetual licenses to a new business model focused on subscription.  This directional change is a positive shift for many users that are interested in more flexible and affordable payment options and only paying for those features, functions or services they need to access.  Avid is always looking at ways to improve efficiencies in this area and while we have maintained the same pricing since our subscription offers started over 5 years ago, that will be changing.  We continue to deliver new innovations, as well as new ways of enabling our customers to do their jobs faster and easier. This includes the recent announcements of the 2019 releases of Media Composer, Pro Tools 2019.x and Sibelius 2019.x.

A major focus of our analysis was on the shift from perpetual to subscription models and as a result we have increased the number and appeal of cross-grade offers for those that are interested in shifting from perpetual to subscription.  We have also increased the number of payment options for subscription, including pay up front annually, commit annually but pay monthly and pay as you go, monthly. In addition, we have decided that customers currently subscribing to Media Composer, Pro Tools and Sibelius will not have a price increase, however they must continue to keep their subscription current in order to maintain their existing price.

Please know that Avid understands the impact and implication of price increases and this is not a decision we take lightly or without significant analysis and thought.  For those of you that are currently on Perpetual Licenses, the increase ranges from 0-33% on new licenses depending on the product and type of license.  As an alternative to renewing at the new pricing, there are incentives for you to cross-grade from your current perpetual license to subscription, like decreased pricing and additional functionality, depending on the product. We would highly recommend that you look at those options as you consider your next renewal. - Avid Product Management

What Pro Tools Prices Change on July 1?

Pro Tools Perpetual Licenses

Product Current Price New Price Change
Pro Tools Perpetual License Purchase $599 $599 0%
Pro Tools Perpetual License Renewal $99 $199 +101%
Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License Purchase $2499 $2599 +4%
Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License Renewal $399 $399 0%

Pro Tools Subscription Plans

Product Current Price New Price Change
Pro Tools Annual Subscription (Paid /Monthly) $24.92 /mo $29.99 /mo +20%
Pro Tools Annual Subscription (Paid Annually) $299 $299 0%
Pro Tools Monthly Subscription (Paid Monthly) $29.99 $34.99 +16.7%
Pro Tools | Ultimate Annual Subscription (Paid Monthly) $83.25 /mo $79.99 /mo -4%
Pro Tools | Ultimate Annual Subscription (Paid Annually) $999 $799 -20%
Pro Tools | Ultimate Monthly Subscription (Paid Monthly) $99.99 $84.99 -15%

Pro Tools Crossgrade Perpetual to Annual Subscription

Product Price
Pro Tools (Paid Monthly) $9.99 /mo
Pro Tools (Paid Annually) $99
Pro Tools | Ultimate (Paid Monthly) $59.99 /mo
Pro Tools | Ultimate (Paid Annually) $599

Pro Tools Reinstatement to Annual Subscription (2 Years)

Product Price
Pro Tools to Annual Subscription (2 Years) $198

A few answers to questions you will probably want to know….

1. Will avid still offer BOTH perpetual and subscription offerings?
We will continue to offer perpetual pricing as an option.  However, going forward the preferred pricing model will be subscription-based pricing, because this is the direction of the entire industry and the way people would prefer to license software.  In addition, Avid will continue to offer perpetual renewal programs for all products.

2. Will avid still support dongles?
Yes, Avid will support dongles and iLok for managing their licenses.

3. Will avid still support Perpetual re-instatement programs?
We are currently offering some re-instatement programs, for specific eligibility, please check with your Avid Account representative or local reseller.

4. If my Support Contract on my Perpetual license expires after July 1, 2019, can it be renewed beforehand at the older price?
Yes, you can renew the upgrade and support plan on your perpetual license prior to its expiration date. This will simply extend the end of your current plan another year. This means that you can renew your plan before July 1, 2019 at the current price.

5. If my Subscription expires after July 1, 2019, can it be renewed beforehand at the older price?
Customers who purchased subscriptions prior to July 1, 2019 can continue to renew their subscriptions at the original (current) price.

6. Will avid change pricing on Avid.com?
Yes, pricing will be the same for our customers via the Avid webstore as through the reseller channel.

7. Is there a limit on how many renewals I can purchase on my active Perpetual plan?
There are no limit. You can buy as many renewal plans and that will be added to your current plan.
Ex. Perpetual Plan expires on September of 2019. Purchased 6 Renewals, New expiration date will be on September 2025.

This can be purchased before the new pricing on July 1st.

(Crossgrades from Perpetual to Subscription will require to surrender the current license you have)

Should I Renew before July 1?

This answer depends on whether you're on a subscription on perpetual license, and if you use Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate.

If you're on a perpetual Pro Tools Standard license, UPGRADE NOW! Avid are doubling the price of Pro Tools Standard Perpetual license annual upgrade plan from $99 to $199. You can buy multiple renewals now at $99 per year, so you could buy two years now for the price of one after July 1.

If you're thinking of a Trade-Up from Pro Tools to Pro Tools | Ultimate, also do it now, as there's currently a sale for $900 off!

Shop Pro Tools online at RSPE Audio Solutions.


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