Avid Announce Pro Tools 12.8.1 Update

Avid has announced Pro Tools 12.8.1 update, free to download for anyone on a current Pro Tools upgrade & support plan.

This release is mainly a stability/maintanence upgrade and includes a number of bug fixes.  One exciting new feature is the integration of zplane élastiqueAAX, which can now be selected as the default time stretch algorithm in Pro Tools when using the MultiTool. Of course you'll need to already own this time stretch plug-in to do that.

Pro Tools 12.8.1 At-A-Glance

  • Mainly a stability/maintenance release targeting to fix a number of bugs especially in the area of the Heat plug-in
  • Support for Third Party Time Compression/Expansion Plug-ins
  • Zplane is now available as a possible TC/E option.  If the plug-in is installed, it should be featured in the TC/E drop-down menu within the Pro Tools preferences
  • Destructive Punch Performance Enhancements for NEXIS Workspaces
  • Destructive Punch preparation and recording processes have been further optimized for increased performance on NEXIS workspaces

Owners of a current Avid plan can update their software via their Avid account or by using the Avid Application Manager app.