Studio Tour : Artist/Producer Beto Hale's Los Olivos Studio

Meet Beto Hale. Beto produces and writes original songs and can play just about every instrument that you can imagine (we think). Together with renowned studio designer Jay Kaufman, we set out to design and build all the elements of Beto's dream studio.  

Los Olivos, a 2,000-square foot facility featuring a live room with 20ft ceilings, two isolation rooms and a control room equipped with a Pro Tools | HDX system and an Avid S6 console. The control room also features PMC monitoring, which Hale says has made him fall in love with playing, recording and listening to music all over again. The PMC 5.1 monitoring system is comprised of three IBIS-AIII reference monitors, a pair of twotwo8 monitors and a twotwo sub2 active subwoofer. 

Born in Mexico City, Hale moved to the USA in 1992 to attend Berklee College of Music and later received a Masters in Music from University of Denver.

Hale’s new studio gives him a permanent base from which to record his new album, tentatively titled Orbs of Light, with co-producers Pablo MunguĂ­a, Brent Fischer, and Sal Ojeda. The first single, Closer To You, is available worldwide on iTunes and other download services.

“My studio is private, but is available to a special cadre of exclusive clients involved in the music, film, TV and gaming businesses that come directly recommended by industry pros,” Hale says. “It is fully integrated for video, facilitating scoring, as well as voice over and ADR recording. The goal of the design was to make it a creative haven; it is surrounded by gorgeous foliage that you can actually see; there are windows to the outside (quite a rarity!) and lots of natural light pouring in.”

Hale adds that the service and assistance he received from RSPE was exemplary, particularly when it came to helping him identify the right PMC monitors for his control room.

“The guys at RSPE have been there for all my equipment needs,” he says. “I get first rate service, great pricing and have developed great friendships there as well. I especially want to thank Ron Cheney who helped me with all the new gear I needed for the studio and continues to be there when I need anything.”

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Take a tour of the Los Olivos studio below:


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