Avid Release Pro Tools HD 12.8 with Dolby Atmos Integration

Avid has just released Pro Tools | HD 12.8 which includes all of the new Dolby Atmos Mixing features. Pro Tools | HD users can now experience intuitive Dolby Atmos mixing workflows—with support for Atmos 7.1.2 audio stems, native object panning, advanced automation, ADM BWAV support, and deep Avid control surface integration— all from within Pro Tools | HD.

Pro Tools | HD 12.8 Key Atmos features:

Support For 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 Formats with New Track Formats

Pro Tools HD now allows you to work with with a variety of Dolby Atmos speaker configurations for editorial and sound design, with support for 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 stem formats, as well as built-in fold-down logic

Pro Tools | HD 3D Object Panner

Easily make mixing decisions on the fly right from your Pro Tools mixer with 3D object routing and panning, eliminating the need for the Dolby Atmos Panner plug-in

Dolby Atmos Metadata And Re-recorder Integration

Dial-in mixes with ultimate fluidity using synchronized audio and automation punches while re-recording

Pro Tools | HD Supports ADM BWAV File Format

Pro Tools 12.8HD provides support for the ADM BWAV file format,  an archivable, repurposable file format that Pro Tools is able to read and open out to Dolby Atmos object tracks with all the object metadata.

You can now import a Dolby Atmos master that's been saved as an ADM file, and bring in panning, track labelling and grouping. In this way, a Dolby Atmos Master file that's been created using a system other than Pro Tools can also be file imported into your Pro Tools session.

Dolby Atmos Workflow Integration with Avid Control Surfaces

Get the greatest power and value with complete Dolby Atmos workflow integration in Pro Tools | S6, delivering the most affordable console for mixing the industry’s leading immersive audio format

Dolby Atmos Workflow Integration with Pro Tools | MTRX

Monitor and route hundreds of audio inputs and outputs through Pro Tools | MTRX, which provides the bandwidth and sonic fidelity preservation required for mixing any large-scale immersive audio format

Pro Tools 12.8 Download

Pro Tools | HD 12.8 is available for download now in your My.Avid account, if you are on a current Pro Tools | HD Upgrade and Support Plan. If you've let your plan expire you can Shop or Upgrade Pro Tools HD from RSPE. Not sure what Pro Tools Upgrade you need? Check the RSPE Pro Tools Configurator and find your upgrade.

Contact your RSPE specialist with any questions about Pro Tools 12.8 or upgrading your studio to Dolby Atmos.


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