Avid Announce Dolby Atmos Support Within Pro Tools HD

Avid announced Dolby Atmos support natively within Pro Tools HD at Avid Connect at NAB 2017. Pro Tools HD will now be able to natively support and mix in 10 channel Dolby Atmos.

As part of this support for Dolby Atmos workflows inside Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools will have support for Dolby Atmos Object mixing, using either a software render unit or the normal Dolby hardware render unit, using plug-in streams for the software render unit or MADI streams for the Dolby hardware RMU together with the necessary metadata streams out of Pro Tools into the software or hardware render units.

Pro Tools HD Dolby Atmos Integration Features:

  • Work with a variety of Dolby Atmos speaker configurations, with support for 7.1.2 & 7.0.2 stem formats, as well as built-in fold-down logic
  • Make mixing decisions on the fly from your Pro Tools mixer with 3D object routing and panning
  • Dial-in mixes using synchronized audio and automation punches while re-recording
  • Dolby Atmos workflow integration in Pro Tools | S6 delivers the most affordable console for mixing the most immersive audio format
  • Monitor and route hundreds of audio inputs and outputs through Pro Tools | MTRX, essential for preserving bandwidth and sonic fidelity when mixing any large-scale immersive audio format
  • Re-purpose content faster with support for ADM BWAV files with embedded print master metadata

Support For Dolby Atmos Objects Across Multiple Pro Tools Systems

You will be able to address all the Dolby Atmos objects from one or more Pro Tools systems, as well as the option to go between the object and bed mixes, all within the Dolby Atmos workflow within Pro Tools HD with on-the-fly and automatable switching between the 7.1.2 bed stems and the object outputs.

There will also be a 7.0.2 stem option as an internal stem format option, just as we have non-LFE stem options in 5.1 and 7.1 mixing.

Universal Dolby Atmos Panner Plug-in

There is going to be one universal panner that supports both stem and object tracks so no need to have to copy automation data across from one panner to the other.

Dolby Atmos Metadata And Re-recorder Integration

To further integrate the Dolby workflow into Pro Tools HD, Avid will be adding re-recorder dubbing for the Dolby Atmos metadata whether that is for automation or object metadata into the Dolby RMU. Prior to this, you had to run a pass from top to bottom to get the audio and metadata out of Pro Tools into the RMU. With the new Dolby Atmos integration feature set, you will be able to drop in and patch a section and the metadata will go with it, so no need to have extra dubbers in the way as work rounds, everything will work in the box, so you will no longer need to do an automation pass at the end of your mix because now the automation and metadata are being updated on the fly just like Pro Tools has done for ages with conventional automation with Touch etc, the Dolby Atmos metadata workflow will be built into the workflow within Pro Tools HD. For example, you could have a system with 3 playback Pro Tools systems feeding one record system and the RMU and all the Dolby automation and metadata can come from the playback systems across to the record system and the Dolby RMU.

Dolby Atmos Workflow Integration With Avid Control Surfaces

Avid are announcing deep integration for Dolby Atmos workflows for the Avid S6 control surface. The aim is that all these workflows will be built into the S6 control surface with Avid presenting this as the “most affordable way to do a Dolby Atmos theatrical mix", as this is designed to bypass the need for a dedicated console to handle everything, now Avid's plan is to be able to produce a full Dolby Atmos theatrical mix completely in the box, no console required.

Pro Tools HD To Support The ADM (Audio Definition Model) BWAV File Format
Avid will be providing support for the ADM BWAV file format. The plan is to have this one archivable, re-purposable file format that Pro Tools will be able to read and open out to Dolby Atmos object tracks with all the object metadata.

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