Extra Year of Free Pro Tools Upgrades with a Pro Tools Upgrade Reinstatement Plan

Now through December 31, 2016, Pro Tools 9, 10 11, and 12 owners with an expired or no Annual Upgrade Plan will receive an additional year of upgrades at no additional charge when they purchase a Pro Tools Upgrade Reinstatement Plan (a $99 value). This offer effectively doubles the plan duration from one year to two.

For current Pro Tools 12.x owners with an expired upgrade plan:
  • If music matters, customers are going to love the next Pro Tools release
  • Get every Pro Tools software release for the next two years
  • Work faster and easier using top user-requested features and enhancements
  • Access critical updates that deliver better performance and improvements
  • Save money, as we’ll pay for the first plan renewal when year one is up

For legacy Pro Tools 9–11 owners who have never had an upgrade plan:
Sound better and create faster and easier with all of the tools and features introduced in Pro Tools 10, 11, and 12, including…

Pro Tools 12.x
  • Edit audio layers, playlists, and fades more easily
  • Connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, with Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • Share tracks easier and free up processing power with Track Freeze, Commit, and Bounce
  • Position clips easily and with better precision with clip transparency
  • Create big mixes with up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks and 512 instrument tracks
  • Work with VCA masters, 17 professional metering options (including K-system, VU, and gain reduction), and other advanced tools and features
Pro Tools 11.x
  • Unleash your creativity with multiple times more processing power than ever before
  • Add epic numbers of virtual instruments and effects to create richer sounding mixes
  • Get unrivaled sound quality and powerful 64-bit performance to handle bigger mixes
  • Play HD video right in the Pro Tools timeline—without transcoding
  • Accelerate final mixes and stem deliveries with faster-than-real-time offline bounce
  • Monitor record inputs on native systems with ultra-low latency
  • Get better sound and performance with 64-bit AAX plug-ins>
  • Speed up and simplify audio file searches and relinking with the optimized Workspace Browser
Pro Tools 10.x
  • Mix more easily with increased Automatic Delay Compensation
  • Get low-latency monitoring while recording with Core Audio and ASIO hardware
  • Achieve better sound quality with support for 32-bit floating point audio files
  • Mix and match audio formats in a single session
  • Browse and shop for plug-ins and more in the in-app Marketplace
  • Save rendering time with real-time fades
  • Quickly adjust and match volumes for individual clips on a single track with Clip Gain
  • Create better sounding mixes with new plug-ins, including Avid Channel Strip, Mod Delay III, and Avid Down Mixer
  • Work more easily with a completely new disk engine that greatly increases audio recording and playback performance

Offer Eligibility and Fulfillment
Customers who activate a Pro Tools Upgrade Plan Reinstatement between December 7, 2016 and December 30, 2016 will receive an additional one-year Annual Upgrade Plan in their Avid Master Account. The product will be added to their accounts mid-January and can be redeemed by navigating to Products Not Yet Downloaded.

This offer is eligible on Upgrade Plan Reinstatements for Pro Tools only. It is not eligible on Upgrade Plan Reinstatements for Pro Tools | HD, Pro Tools for Education, or Institutions.