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Visit RSPE and PMC Speakers at AES to get a Sample of what the Flagship Boutique has to offer!

Stop by PMC at AES to get a Sample of what the RSPE PMC Flagship Boutique has to offer!

Visit RSPE at Booth #113 to play your own music on the largest PMC system ever and listen to award-winning musicians, engineers and producers play back some of their work and talk about how PMC speakers fit into their workflow.

PMC "Masters of Audio" Presentations in Room 515B

Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick present “The Art of Recording a Big Band”
Legendary engineers Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick will play snippets of the video, play back music and discuss “ The Art of Recording a Big Band” with ample opportunity for Q&A.

“The Art of Recording a Big Band” is an educational & inspirational behind-the-scenes documentary about studio legend Al Schmitt. Filmed at the famed Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California over two days during a recording session featuring Chris Walden's 19 piece jazz big band. The film focuses on the legendary Al Schmitt, one of the most celebrated music engineer, producer and mixer of all time winning 22 GRAMMY® Awards. Included are interviews with Al’s longtime collaborator Steve Genewick as well as Chris Walden, Dave Pensado, Ryan Hewitt and more.

Greg Wells
Greg Wells is a multiple Grammy nominated record producer, songwriter, musician, and mix engineer in Los Angeles. Wells’ keen, adept musicality, versatility and mastery of multiple instruments quickly became the worstkept secret in the industry as artists ranging from One Republic (“Apologize”, “Stop and Stare”), pop superstar Pink (“Why Did I Ever Like You”) to singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright (“Across the Universe”),Keith Urban ( “Wasted Time”) to Adele (“One & Only) all called on Wells to write, produce or perform on the track. “It’s about trying to create something compelling, regardless of genre,” says Wells. “I grew up listening to everything and never wanted to limit myself to one particular sound.”

Daniel Shores;
3 time GRAMMY nominated engineer Daniel Shores will be playing back selections from a variety of projects he has recorded mixed and mastered including Choral, Electronic and Strings, Percussion quartet, avant garde new music, folk and celtic, all recorded natively in surround, as well as a few stereo pieces as well. In addition, Daniel will be playing back the 5.1 mixes from the upcoming Pure Audio Blu-Ray Release of composer, technologist and EDM Icon BT's album "Electronic Opus" the day before it's release!

Jeff Ellis ; Engineering Franks Ocean’s “Blonde” and “Channel Orange”
Jeff Ellis is a Grammy Award winning recording engineer and Grammy nominated Mix engineer and was Frank Ocean's Engineer for nearly 5 years. His most notable works include both Frank Ocean’s “channel ORANGE” and “Blonde” from which he will play tracks. Jeff worked with countless top artists during his tenure at Eastwest and rose through the ranks to become one of their main engineers. In 2011, Jeff left Eastwest Studios to engineer Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE. The Album was a critical success, earning Jeff a 2013 Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album, as well as a nomination for Album of the Year and Record of the Year. After the success of channel ORANGE, Jeff continued to work as Frank Ocean’s engineer for nearly 4 more years throughout much of the creation of his new album “Blonde”. In addition to his work with Frank Ocean, Jeff has worked with other top artists including Nick Jonas, Vic Mensa, Kate Nash, Skylar Grey, Pernille Rosendahl, SWMRS, Earl Sweatshirt, producers Om’Mas Keith, Malay and more.

Francesco Cameli & Megan Milius; Sphere Studios Los Angeles
Award winning engineer/producer and studio owner Francesco Cameli with Studio Manager Megan will present the journey to create LA’s newest large recording and mixing studio; Sphere Studios Los Angeles. After 13 years in London, Sphere Studios recently made the journey across the pond, closing up shop in the UK with plans to reopen in Los Angeles. Though Sphere’s location has changed, Cameli’s studio philosophy remains the same as it has been from the beginning. “I want to create a space with state-of-the-art equipment but in an environment where the gear melts away and leaves a comfortable vibe that allows clients to express themselves freely and perform to the best of their abilities,” Cameli says. “L.A. is full of talent that converges here from the entire planet, so to me and my clients, [the city] offers the inspiration and the resources necessary to make great records. In that respect, Los Angeles is truly unique.”

Megan has spent the better half of the last decade managing one of the busiest, multi-location recording studios in Los Angeles. She has arranged sessions for some of the industries top artists including Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifa, Mariah Carey, Deftones, No Doubt and many, many more. Megan is now the Studio Manager for the newly opened Sphere Studios LA and is excited to share this world class facility with the industry.

David Miles Huber
“DMH” is a 4X Grammy-nominated musician and producer in the electronic, dance and down-tempo genres, who creates a “Zen-meets- Tech experience” that pulls the listener into a musical soundscape that’s rich, enticing and energizing. DMH received his degree in music technology from Indiana University and the University of Surrey in Guildford, England. His most prominent book Modern Recording Techniques is the standard recording industry text worldwide. DMH will be sharing insights into his production techniques, philosophies and "toys-ofthe- trades" for making his own style of IDM (intelligent dance music). His music has sold over the million copies.

PMC Student Playback
Students! Bring your stereo or surround projects and listen back on the biggest high-resolution monitor system from PMC!!

Kevin Keith
Worldwide Chief Studio Engineer Apple Music/Beats 1 studios Currently residing in Los Angeles, Kevin has a passion for all things audio and music. Kevin’s path to Chief Engineer for Apple Music/Beats 1 Studios is a showcase of talent and diversity in audio engineering. His resume includes;

  • Recording Engineer - 11+ years mixing major label bands on nationally syndicated TV shows. Mixed over 120 acts, from Taylor Swift to Il Volo. Also mixed records for Elektra and Sony music.
  • Audio Broadcast Engineer -15 years supporting network TV shows, webcasts and location shoots.
  • Music Producer/ Musician - Create original music for over 50 nationally syndicated TV shows, from "Ellen" to "The Bachelor".
  • 5 years Neve Audio in LA, head of technical support, customer training, installs for analog Music, Film Scoring and TV products

Keith’s introduction to audio came in his teens as an upright/ electric bassist and a guitarist. As a musician he experienced the emotion and intensity that players create on stage and quickly became frustrated when his band would spend lots of money for studio recordings that didn’t capture the spirit of the music.

David Rideau
David Rideau (mixer/engineer)is a three-time Grammy nominee who has been making records and mixing for film and TV for more than twenty years. The Los Angeles based mixer and engineer has earned dozens of gold and platinum records for artists and film soundtracks. His discography includes: Sting, TLC, Janet Jackson, Brenda Russell, Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, BWB, Al Jarreau, Kirk Franklin and Boney James. His film score mixing includes Al Pacino's classic "Scarface" and TV music mixing includes HBO's dramatic theme to the boxing series "24/7".

Student Critique sessions
Students! Bring your stereo or surround projects and listen back to these non-competitive listening sessions and a panel will give you valuable feedback and comments on your work! Students should sign-up for time slots at the first SDA meeting, on a first come, first served basis. Bring your stereo or 5.1 work on CD, DVD, memory-stick, or hard disc, as clearly labeled 44.1 KHz WAVE or AIFF files. Finalists in the Recording Competition are excluded from participating in this event to allow the many nonfinalists an opportunity for feedback on their hard work. The Student Recording Critiques are generously sponsored by PMC, and you get to hear your work on some amazing loudspeakers! Moderator: Ian Corbett, Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas City, KS.

Jim Anderson & Ulrike Anderson

10 time Grammy Award winning engineer Jim Anderson and Tonmeister and Bayerischer Rundfunk senior engineer Ulrike Schwartz-Anderson present the recording of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, one of the most successful Scandinavian Orchestras ,playing the Brahms 2nd Symphony.

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