5 PMC Speakers You Can Hear Right Now At RSPE Audio

The PMC Flagship Boutiques is up and running, featuring a broad selection of PMC speakers to demo; from some of the smallest speakers in the PMC line to the biggest, baddest ones around. Plus, they're all housed in the ASC AttackWall System, which offers the ideal setting to audition professional monitors with optimum imaging and acoustic neutrality.

Here are 5 PMC speakers that are set up and you can hear now at the RSPE PMC Flagship Boutique:

1. PMC QB1-A Main Studio Monitors

The QB1-A is PMC's largest and most powerful studio monitor. Designed for medium-to-large-scale recording facilities in terms of accuracy, dynamics, resolution and headroom. It offers over 4800 Watts of power per channel, PMC's Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology, DSP control, and the latest generation of PMC's Class-D amplification and driver designs. When you hear these speakers, you'll completely understand why Capitol Studios selected the QB1-A as their main studio monitors.

2. PMC IB2S-XBD-A Three-Way Active Studio Monitors with XBD Bass Cabinet

The IB2S-XBD-A is a DSP-controlled, Class-D powered cabinet featuring the same 10” carbon-fibre/Nomex piston drivers from the renowned IB1S and IB2S speakers and the 34mm soft-dome tweeter from the BB5 XBD-A. A hand-crafted 75mm fabric-dome driver for the mid range.

The XBD bass unit provides a +3dB boost of low-frequency headroom, which creates a smoother room response and allows users to drive even larger acoustic environments. Where an independent .1 sub channel monitor is required, an additional XBD active unit is the ideal solution. The pair in our showroom isn't blue, but the black finish looks and sounds equally as good!

3. PMC IB1S-AIII Three-Way Active Studio Monitors 

PMC’s new IB1S-AIII 'activated' reference monitor is a high resolution 3-way speaker that combines flexible plug and play design with PMC's unsurpassed audio transparency and accuracy. It takes everything the Ib2S-A has to offer and simplifies it, for an unbelievable sounding speaker at an even more unbelievable value!

Ideally suited for audio professionals working in small to medium sized control rooms, the IB1S-AIII provides a natural, compression-free flat response at all levels. When you hear this speaker you'll be blown away.

4. PMC twotwo.8 Active Studio Monitors

The twotwo.8 is the flagship model of PMC’s twotwo series. It is the largest and most powerful monitor in the range, employing a large 20mm (8”) custom bass driver designed for dynamics and neutrality, housed within PMC’s trademarked Advanced Transmission Line labyrinth cabinet for a midfield monitor with superb transparency and depth.

Whether you’re plugging in analog or digital, in a home studio or a professional control room, PMC’s twotwo.8 is a professional reference loudspeaker monitor you can count on.

5. PMC DB1-Gold Passive Reference Monitor

The DB1 Gold passive reference monitor combines the same ultra-high definition sound quality made famous by PMC’s professional studio monitors with a refined look and feel at price intended to provide an incredible value to music lovers.

The compact cabinet features a textured black front baffle with a smooth silk main body, delivering an impressive amount of power that defies the monitor’s size. PMC are so confident in the design and engineering of the DB1 Gold that the warranty has been extended to an unheard of 20 years.

You can read all you want about how great PMC speakers sound, but it doesn't compare to actually hearing them for yourself. Learn more about the PMC Flagship Boutique or Contact an RSPE representative to schedule your demonstration today!