Avid Announces Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools | First at NAMM 2015

Avid has kicked off NAMM 2015 with a bang! They announced Pro Tools 12, the update to their industry-standard DAW, that has revolutionized the film, music, and TV industry.

They also announced Pro Tools | First, a free, simplified version of Pro Tools that offers a basic set of music creation tools and does not require an iLok USB Key to use.

Pro Tools 12

Experience power, performance, and versatility

With Pro Tools, you get the features and capabilities you need to quickly create and deliver professional-quality music and audio mixes. Get unrivaled processing power to create without bounds. Add epic numbers of virtual instruments and effects to produce bigger, richer sounding, and more complex mixes. And with the Avid Video Engine, you can play and edit HD video right in the Pro Tools timeline.

Access Pro Tools in more ways than ever

You now have more choice in how you acquire and use Pro Tools. Get the power and premium sound quality you need to create the best sounding mixes with a Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD hardware/software system. Create in the studio, at home, or on the go with just Pro Tools software and your laptop. Access Pro Tools only when you need it through a low-cost monthly or annual subscription. Or get started with Pro Tools | First, a completely free version of Pro Tools.

Connect and collaborate in the cloud

Make the world your studio and get the talent you need to create your best work. With the upcoming Avid Cloud Collaboration features, you’ll be able to make valuable connections right in Pro Tools that can open doors to collaborate with other Pro Tools artists, musicians, engineers, mixers, and producers—anywhere in the world—as if you’re all in the same room together.

Get your work heard by the right people

The Avid Marketplace will be opening up soon for business, providing an extensive community and creative outlet that enables you to connect with media professionals in audio, film, television, and broadcast to sell and license your music and audio work. Earn the recognition—and the payment—you’ve worked hard to achieve, right in Pro Tools.

Manage and track your assets

We’ll be introducing a new open, universal metadata schema into Pro Tools that will help you manage, track, and document every asset and project you create. This will enable media creators and distributors to keep track of everyone who creatively contributes, making it easy to document who did what, when, and where; manage and control versioning; and provide accurate credit information so you have a better chance of getting paid for your work—and getting hired for future projects.

Stay current, stay ahead

All Pro Tools purchases, upgrades, and subscriptions now come with an Avid upgrade and support plan that ensures you always have the latest features at your fingertips, which will be delivered right from the cloud. This includes all future software updates and upgrades (as long as your plan is active), including the upcoming new cloud collaboration features, as well as 24x7 access to our Customer Care team

Feature highlights

Pro Tools software
Available as a subscription, standalone software(perpetual license), or part of a system bundle
  • Unleash your creativity with incredible processing power
  • Get unrivaled sound quality and powerful 64-bit performance
  • Create big mixes, with up to 96 audio tracks
  • Compose with virtual instruments and MIDI and Score Editors
  • Play and edit HD video—right in the Pro Tools timeline
  • Polish mixes with over 60 AAX virtual instrument and effects plug-ins
  • Speed up mixing with industry-trusted automation tools
  • Connect and collaborate with other Pro Tools users in the cloud (coming soon)
  • Get recognition and sell your work in the Avid Marketplace (coming soon)

Pro Tools | HD software
Available as an upgrade or part of a system bundle (perpetual license)
  • Get all of the same features in Pro Tools
  • Mix in stereo, surround, and even Dolby Atmos
  • Build bigger mixes, with up to 768 audio and 64 video tracks
  • Mix with confidence using extended metering, including gain reduction
  • Get advanced audio editing, video editing, and automation
  • Control multiple Pro Tools | HD systems

Pro Tools | First

Want to make great sounding music? Start off right using many of the same tools used by top artists and recording studios—absolutely free with Pro Tools | First. Play, learn, and practice along to a beat. Compose and record music with a complete set of audio and MIDI tools. Then edit and mix everything together to create a professional-sounding track that‘s ready to share with the world. It‘s simple enough for beginners to learn, yet sophisticated for the experienced musician. And when you‘re ready to take your music further, you‘ll feel right at home with Pro Tools. Entry to the industry‘s most trusted and used audio workstation has never been easier.

Start creating music now

Pro Tools | First enables you to quickly turn the ideas in your head into fully realized, professional-sounding songs that stand out from the crowd. Go from creation to final mix fast using simplified tools for recording and making music, including software instruments that deliver everything from urban beats and synth sounds, to driving guitars and more cowbell. And if you need help, check out our feature resources and Get Started Fast with Pro Tools | First video tutorial for tips, tricks, and advice from pros.

Use the same tools the pros use—for free

Though Pro Tools | First contains a more basic set of features, its core tools are the very same ones used by your favorite artists and producers in the studio, so you can start off sounding like a pro. Loop record multiple takes to capture your best performances. Make bum notes sound pitch perfect. Fix timing inconsistencies or change the tempo of a song— without sounding like a chipmunk or Sylvester Stallone. And give your songs that producer‘s touch with an essential collection of audio effects, including reverb, EQ, and delay.

Collaborate with musicians and more

All versions of Pro Tools save sessions using the same file format, making it easy to share your work and collaborate with friends, bandmates, notable producers, engineers, top recording studios, and anyone else who uses Pro Tools. Work on a song with someone or have a professional mix your music by simply sharing your session file. And coming soon, you‘ll be able to collaborate with other Pro Tools users around the world, directly in the cloud.

Get the easiest entry into the world of Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the audio workstation that redefined the music and post-production industries, providing everything needed to create high-caliber audio mixes. And now we‘ve taken the most powerful, proven, and trusted DAW and streamlined it into a version that‘s available for free to everyone—whether you dream of a career in music but are just starting out, or more experienced and want to give Pro Tools a try.

Stay tuned to find out when Pro Tools 12 will become available. Or buy Pro Tools 11 now and you'll receive a free upgrade to 12 when it's released!


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