Royer Ribbons Mic End Of Summer Rebate

Been thinking about an R-101 or R-121 for your guitar cab or trumpet? Maybe a pair of R-122’s for overheads or strings, or the ultimate in ribbons, an R-122V tube mic? This is the best time to put some new Royers in your mic closet!

  • Buy an R-101 and get $75.00 back ($150.00 for a pair)
  • Buy an R-121 and get $100.00 back ($200.00 for a pair)
  • Buy an R-122 and get $125.00 back ($250.00 for a pair)
  • Buy an R-122V and get $200.00 back ($400.00 for a pair)

Rebates apply to Royer R-101, R-121, R-121 Live, R-122, R-122 Live and R-122V ribbon microphones. Buy from an authorized Royer Labs dealer between August 22, 2014 and September 30, 2014 and receive a rebate check for all microphones purchased. There is no limit to the amount of microphones that can be purchased under this rebate program.

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See Rebate Form for rules and restrictions.